School Days

It’s back to school time. Although I do not have a school-aged child that is heading back to school, my wife is a teacher, and we did some last minute shopping yesterday with thousands of my closest friends That’s right, driving and shopping was kind of a mess yesterday. Like many teachers, Kate does not get adequate money to have all the supplies she needs in her room, so she supplements by buying tons of stuff personally for her children. I don’t know a teacher who doesn’t end up spending his/her “generous” salary on supplies for their room. I’m sure that it’s always been the case, and probably wouldn’t change no matter how well-funded a school district is.

There’s even a website( where teachers put in a request for funding for a project in the school that they can’t self-fund. If you get a request, please help them out. My wife hasn’t done it, but we know teachers who have, and it really helps make a difference for the children.

Today’s podcast isn’t necessarily a “back-to-school” themed one, but why not? I’m sure that many of the artists went to school at some point, so tune into Eddie Floyd, Corine Bailey Rae, Outkast, the Cure, the Pixies, the Love Language, My Morning Jacket, Jeff Beck, Ian MacDonald & Michael Giles, Samantha Fish, the Magnetic Fields, Camera Obscura, & the Ronettes.

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