Plus Ca Change

Spring is a season of change. The earth begins to renew, flowers spring up, trees and animals, and sometimes it’s time for humans to make or face changes. My son is getting married in June, so he’s facing a change. Oh, it’ll mostly be a subtle change, but the pomp of it all makes the realization that the relationship that you’ve been in is now more permanent – it’s a change.

I think that in general people don’t like change – they learn to stay where they are and exist in a world they’ve made. I am someone who likes the routine of certain rituals and ways that I’ve done things and live my life, but I can embrace change as well. I hope that everyone can face change and accept the challenge.

I left my old job back in March after 13+ years, and then found a new job that is pretty similar to my old job, but with some different aspects that are challenging and will be fun. I like to be challenged, and found myself not being challenged as much in my old job. I guess it was time for a change.

Let’s make change where we need to, but don’t change if you regularly listen to the podcast. If you don’t normally listen, then make the change and get involved with Robin Trower, Split Enz, Buffalo Springfield, the Band, Everything But the Girl, Jim Kweskin’s Jug Band, Kate Tucker, the Incredible String Band, a Band of Bees, Badfinger, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, the Association, Three Dog Night, the Classics IV, and the Monkees.

This podcast is, as always, available to stream or download at There should be more content there, and I will try to put more things up this year. The podcast is also available to download as a podcast at your favorite podcast streamer – iTunes, Stitcher, etc. The podcast is called Check that out sometime. I welcome suggestions and comments, too – leave them as you will. Thanks for everything you do to encourage me.

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