Dieting in the 21st Century

Well, after some occasional snow this week (none of which stayed around here, but in Northern New Hampshire – geez), looks like spring might actually be happening. Looks like a pretty solid week of spring in the forecast – let’s hope.

I’ve been on a diet lately, as well as ramping up the exercise,and I’ve lost somewhere between 15 and 20 pounds. I may be plateauing a little now, but hope to lose more as time goes on. It hasn’t been too hard – I first discovered that my weight started ballooning again after my dog died. Apparently, the long walks I took with my dog were good for me, too, so I started to walk every morning – a little longer than the normal morning walk, and the same as my weekend walk. I’ve added more exercise as well – nothing too strenuous, but it’s helped bring down the weight.

The other part of losing weight has been to cut down on alcohol. That’s been pretty easy, too. I’m not a big drinker (waits for my wife to disagree), but it was regular. It’s now very occasional, and that’s helped, too. I remember Bill Burr talking about losing weight because he got puffy in the face from drinking, so he cut down on drinking and I’ve followed suit. Oh, I’ll still drink, not just as much as before.

Losing weight wasn’t some big New Year’s resolution, but just a general “let’s get a little bit healthier” decision I made. I have no true goals, so I won’t get frustrated if I don’t lose x amount of weight. I just want to feel better, and so far, so good.

Music to lose weight to? Maybe, but really, just a great listen. So take some time to hear The Beatles, John Martyn, Crowded House, Traffic, Tom Waits, Pulp, the Liminanas, Guided by Voices, Tina Charles, Dr. Buzzard & the Original Savannah Band, David Bowie, Hot Chocolate, Orkestra Akokan, Bruce Cloud, Joe Bataan, and David Byrne.

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