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It’s increasingly hard to stay apolitical in light of all that’s going on. The US government shutdown affects some of my friends directly (unpaid leave), and may affect all of us in very direct ways. C’mon, let’s get this government back in operation.

Among the many people hurt in our new anti-immigration movement are El Salvadorans, about 200,000 of which were given “temporary status” in 2001 after an earthquake, but also due to the horrible government that the United States is partially responsible for. As you may recall, we backed the far right government over the rebels (labeled Communist by the U.S.; they weren’t), so the country isn’t exactly a democratic utopia. The temporary status has been in existence for 16 years – with hopes that they may have been given a chance in an immigration bill to achieve permanent status (they are many business owners, and many have started families here – they’ve established roots here). but no, the President says go back to your s*hole country.

I also believe that Dreamers should get permanent status, that the Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) should be passed, and if we throw away some money for a wall (like the deal that was hammered out earlier), then the cost is worth it.

Today’s podcast starts out political as well, then devolves into just great songs. “Don’t want to sail with this ship of fools” indeed. Listen to Neil Young, Marvin Gaye, Ten Years After, World Party, Galley Beggar, Waxahatchee, Lucinda Williams, Thundercat, Steely Dan, Spanic Boys, Marshall Crenshaw, Ian Dury & the Blockheads, the Band, and David Johannsen.

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