2017 Music

2017 was a surprisingly strong year for music. I didn’t find any transcendent albums, but there was a lot of good music. So much so, in fact, that my end of the year podcasts will be expanded to at least 3 different podcasts – we’ll start with this one.

Many of these songs came form the bigger artists of the year: Beck, St. Vincent, LCD Soundsystem, etc. There are some artists that haven’t been played on the podcast yet – their time will come, but they’re later additions that have come my way.

Let’s celebrate a good year (for music, anyway), starting with Beck, St. Vincent, the War on Drugs, Sharon Jones, Thundercat, Yasmine Hamdan, Zara McFarlane, Joe Goddard, LCD Soundsystem, Frankie Rose, Michael Head, and Alien Stadium.

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